Big Lots Sectional Sofas

A Little about the Company

Big Lots is a community retailer which operates in more than 47 states and provides with all sort of products like food, decor, furniture and more. This company competes with some of the biggest brands like Walmart, Target Dollar Tree and other brands.

The brand mostly provides discounts at the end of every season and if you want to buy a product of your choice, don’t miss the chance.

Looking for a Big Lots sectional sofa? Continue reading this article, we will show you some of the best sectional sofas of this brand.

  1. Big Lots Living Room Sectional

The fabric is made up of polyester and the seats and cushions are very soft and comfortable. It doesn’t require assembling. It comes with fixed seats and cushions with arm rest on both sides. The feet of the sofa are exposed and have a block shape. The frame is constructed by hardwood.

Cleaning of the Sofa

Vacuum this sofa regularly and clean with foam only, damped in a water based cleaning solution.

  1. Broyhill Hartford Sectional Sofa

The fabric of this sofa is made up of polyester and the cushions of both the sofa and the chaise are reversible and can be used from either sides. The frame is made up of hardwood and the cushions contain gel foam. The cover of the cushions has a zipper and the wooden legs are exposed. This sofa has a standard design.

  1. Lane Home Solutions Seneca Sectional Sofa

The chenille fabric and the rounded arms with the cushions and seats consisting of a high quality foam. The legs are wooden and have a wedged shape. It is a good addition to the room for a small family gathering.

  1. Dilon Charcoal Sectional Sofa

This sectional sofa features a corner and 2 throw pillows. The arm rests are semi circle with thick cushions providing great comfort and back support. The block legs are exposed with a dark finish and just wipe this sofa to clean it with a white cloth.

  1. Broyhill Sandpoint Sectional Sofa

This sectional sofa is a 6-seater sofa featuring 2 dinning ottoman and a table. This sofa can withstand the exterior environment as well. It has a very traditional look and it a good addition for your home decor. This sofa is also good for outdoor environment easily movable in both interior and exterior.

The sofa provides a good back support and comfort. This sofa has a high quality foam and endurance.

Do not wash this sofa with acid, bleach or water solvent on the artificial wicker or frame parts. Just wipe it with a white clean cloth. Damp it and then clean the sofa.


  • Check for the quality of the sofa before buying.
  • Clean the sofas regularly for more endurance and performance.
  • Do repair the damages if you can, if not call a professional.


  • Is Big Lots a good company?

Yes, Big Lots is a well known brand, competing with some of the best brands like Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree and other brands.

  • What sort of products does Big Lots sell?

Big Lots sells a variety of products including furniture, food, decor and other items.

Every sofa comes with a manufacturer tag upon which the instructions for washing or cleaning the sofa.


Big Lots is a well known brand which sells all sorts of items. It is one of the best sellers in the world. You might want to keep a check on the brand as it gives a seasonal discount at every of its products.

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