How to Install Roof Rack?

Have you ever planned an adventure or a road trip and ended up with more bags or items than your car could accommodate? That is why you need to car roof to help you carry the extra load. The car roof can help you carry excess luggage, and you can plan your trip with friends or family to the trip.

Most cars come without a roof rack; hence you need to install your car rack. Most people consider the installation process much more difficult. The process is much easier when you follow the guidelines provided here.

Understanding The Car Roof Dimension

The first process is to know the dimensions of your car roof. You should measure the length, width, and diagonal length of your roof. The dimensions are crucial for selecting the right car rack, ensuring your design, or making a roof worth the dimension. Having the right roof size ensures you do not end up with a conspicuous roof, one that is too small or too big for your roof.

You also need to understand the car model, the material on the car roof, and other aspects such as the car model that may determine the right roof size. To avoid the burden of measurement, you can buy a ready-made rack to fit appropriately. For instance, you can buy a car roof rack for your car.

Car Roof Dimension

Selecting The Car Roof

The next consideration is the roof type. Once you decide the roof dimension, you need to determine the type of car rack you need to get. There are different car racks you can get in the market. You can select from the different types available in the market, such as aluminum, fiber, or those made from other metal types.

You can buy customized roofs for your car model, which you can buy from major dealers. You can also talk to the mechanic shops to customize one based on your provided dimension and car model. Alternatively, you can design your car roof and engage in the best DIY car roof model.

The type of car roof you need should also depend on the materials you want to carry on the car roof. If you desire to carry a heavy load, you need a rack made of stronger materials such as aluminum or metal roofs. If you plan to move items such as kayaks, or bikes, you can use a roof made of fiber. The fiber roofs are ideal for most cars because they can help you reduce the weight impact of the car rack. This ensures your vehicle remains lighter.

Car Roof

Cleaning The Car Roof

You need to ensure the car roof is clean before installation to ensure the roof is free from any dirt that will be difficult to clean once you install the roof. The attachment points of the car rack can hide away dirt that can eventually tarnish the roof’s original paint. If the roof’s color is fading, you can consider repainting the whole car to ensure you have a perfect roof that is clean and tidy.

Fix The Attachment Point

Some cars have attachment points installed to help you install the rack. You can buy fit kit clips to help you hold the rack in position.

You need to decide the correct position to fix the car rack. A good car rack should be centrally located on the car roof. The roof should be centrally located to ensure the rack does not affect the car’s center of gravity. Locating it centrally also ensures the load does not affect the car while driving.

Assembling The Car Rack

You must assemble the car rack on the ground before transferring, it to the car roof. You need to assemble it, beginning with the crossbars and other pieces. Ensure you screw all the elements in position. After fixing the car roof on the ground, you must attach the pads and caps to the crossbars.

The pads and caps are essential for preventing the crossbars and the rack from scratching the roof during installation. The caps are also necessary for preventing rainwater from flowing into the car. They extend the roof rack end position to ensure water flowing through the crossbars falls away from the car window.

Fixing The Car Rack On The Car Roof

Next, you need to transfer the assembled rack to the car roof. You need to assemble it and tighten it on the top. While installing the car rack, you need to position it crucially on the car roof. You need to open the car doors to ensure it does not interfere when you close the doors. You also need to follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines. You also need to locate it centrally and strategically on the attachment points.

Next, you need to fasten the car roof using a screw or the strips and other items provided. Ensure you secure the car roof tightly and ensure the clips are in position and ready to use. Next, you must do specific tests to ensure the car rack is in place. You must test it with different loads and drive around to ensure everything is positioned correctly.

Fixing The Car Rack


Installing the car rack is not challenging if you follow the proper guideline. Before you install the car roof, you need to be aware of the car roof dimension, car model, the type of roof, and the nature of the load you plan to carry. You can buy ready-made car roofs or make your own.

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