Effectiveness of E-Cigarettes as Aid for Smoking Cessation

Since their introduction, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have become very popular nicotine-delivery devices. According to an analysis by the Behavioural Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), around 4.5% (10.8 million) of adults in the US were e-cigarette users. This sudden increase in popularity can be attributed to several factors – e-cigarettes are considered safer than combustible cigarettes and can help smokers quit conventional cigarettes.

Although quitting smoking is often daunting, vaping (such as a THC pen) can be an alternative way of quitting cigarettes while still receiving your usual nicotine dose but without many toxins from burning tobacco.

This post will discuss e-cigarettes and discuss whether they are effective in helping people quit smoking. Read on to learn more about this new mode of nicotine delivery and how it can help you quit smoking tobacco.

What is an E-Cigarette and How Does it Work?

E-cigarettes let the users inhale nicotine in vapor form instead of smoking it. Besides, e-cigarettes don’t burn tobacco, meaning they don’t release carbon monoxide or tar – two deadly elements in tobacco smoke.

An e-cigarette works by heating a particular liquid containing nicotine, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and natural flavorings. Inhaling from an e-cigarette is referred to as vaping.

Types of E-Cigarettes

The e-cigarette market comprises numerous companies offering a wide variety of models. Here are the notable ones.

  • Cigalikes – they are a popular type of e-cigarette that look and feel like tobacco cigarettes but are rechargeable and disposable. Its design is simple to assemble, becoming increasingly popular among beginners and experienced vapers.
  • Vape pens – these e-cigarettes are shaped like a small tube or pen to enhance the user’s vaping experience. It comes with a small tank for storing the e-liquid, rechargeable batteries, and replaceable coils.
  • Pod systems – pod systems are compact, rechargeable electronic cigarettes with the shape of a pebble or USB stick. Users insert e-liquid capsules into the device to enjoy their nicotine dose.
  • Mods – these electronic cigarettes are available in various sizes and shapes – are the most extensive e-cigarette devices. Mods come with a refillable tank, variable power, and long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

E-Cigarettes Types

How to Select the Right E-Cigarette to Meet Your Needs

Many people looking for ways to quit smoking often find it hard to understand where to start in vaping. Compared to the disposable models, Rechargeable e-cigarettes have a refillable tank to administer nicotine swiftly and effectively when desired. Rechargeable e-cigarettes also give you a higher chance of quitting smoking.

Here are the e-cigarettes to look out for, depending on your smoking level.

  • Lighter smokers should consider electronic cigarettes such as a cigalike, pod system, or vape pen.
  • Heavier smokers should consider electronic cigarettes such as mods, vape pens, or a pod system.

The right e-cigarette will depend on the e-liquid you choose. Different e-liquids have different strengths – therefore, determine the strength that satisfies your nicotine needs. If you experience difficulty selecting a suitable liquid or device, visiting a specialist vape store can help you find one.

Can E-Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?

Evidence indicates that thousands of people worldwide have quit smoking due to the help of e-cigarettes.  E-cigarettes typically help users control their nicotine cravings. It’s best to use the right strength of the e-liquid and as much as you have to to make the most of it.

A major clinical trial published a report in 2019 showing that when mixed with face-to-face specialist support, smokers who used e-cigarettes to stop smoking were more likely to succeed than smokers who used other nicotine-delivery products, like gum or patches.

However, remember that you must entirely quit smoking to enjoy the maximum benefits of vaping e-cigarettes. If you’re experiencing challenges quitting smoking, it’s best to consult the services of your stop smoking service or specialist vape store. The most effective way of completely stopping smoking is by seeking expert help from a stop-smoking service.

Quit Smoking

Are E-Cigarettes Safe to Use?

Many countries have regulations to control e-cigarettes and ensure they meet established quality and safety standards. They are not entirely risk-free, as they possess a portion of the risks associated with combustible cigarettes.

Fortunately, electronic cigarettes don’t emit carbon monoxide and tar, the dangerous elements in combustible cigarettes that often affect smokers’ health. The vapor you inhale, and the e-liquid could potentially contain hazardous chemicals in traditional cigarettes, but at minimal levels.

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Nicotine is an addictive element in standard cigarettes but is relatively non-toxic. Most harm from smoking stems from the myriads of other chemicals present in combustible cigarette smoke that are toxic. Nicotine replacement therapy has been broadly applied for numerous years in helping smokers quit smoking, and it’s considered a relatively safer treatment for many people.

Are E-Cigarettes Safe

Final Thoughts

Electronic cigarettes are portable devices that heat an e-liquid containing a particular dose of nicotine and various flavorings. They allow consumers to inhale vapor instead of smoke, meaning they don’t burn tobacco. For this reason, e-cigarette users are not exposed to the exact quantities of chemicals that bring deadly consequences to conventional-cigarette smokers. In addition, studies indicate that e-cigarettes have helped many people entirely quit smoking while still receiving their regular nicotine dose.

If you’re struggling with quitting smoking, you may find e-cigarettes to be the remedy you need. It’s relatively safer, but only if you use quality vape pens, THC pens, mods, pod systems, and e-liquids. Remember that it’s best to consult a stop-smoking service if you’re finding it hard to quit smoking. Hopefully, you’ve learned the fundamentals about using e-cigarettes and can conveniently choose the right e-cigarette for your needs.