Effective Way for Rodent Control in Your Home

Whether you hear scurries and squeaks across the floor or you find a pair of eyes peering from under the refrigerator at you, some things are as disturbing as finding a rodent in your house. Rodents have a history of carrying diseases-causing pathogens and even carry ticks and fleas into homes. Beyond diseases, rodents can considerably damage your home. They not only damage surfaces with incessant clawing and gnawing, but they can also chew electrical wires, which can lead to a fire hazard. Since rodents can reproduce promptly, it is vital to act fast to eradicate these pests. In this article, let us learn about the key signs of rodent infestation, rodent prevention tips, and the most effective ways to control rodents in your house from rodent pest control Melbourne experts.

Signs You Have A Rodent Infestation

Some signs may indicate that you have a rodent infestation. Read on to find out those signs:

  • Chewed, gnawed, or scratched ducts or baseboards
  • Sounds of rodents squeaking or scurrying
  • Physical appearance of one or multiple rodents in your house
  • Disturbance in insulation because of rodent nesting
  • Rodent nests are built in the house with paper and other similar materials
  • Rodent droppings that look like dark brown or black, small grains

If you suspect having a rodent in your house, it is vital to promptly deal with them to avoid large infestations. And if you already suspect a large infestation, it is best to professional rodent control services to help you.

Prevention Tips for Rodent Infestation

If you want to keep rodents away from coming in and around your house, below are some excellent tips from pest control Melbourne experts who can help you.

  • Fill any hole with wire mesh, steel wool, or cement. It can be any material that is hard for the rodents to chew.
  • Check for areas where rodents can get in your property and seal them. The pests can enter through the tiniest cracks.
  • Keep all the trash covered both outdoors and indoors. Sweep and vacuum daily to dispose of the crumbs.
  • Store pet food and other food items in airtight containers.
  • Wipe down kitchen counters regularly to remove crumbs and residue that can keep rodents well-fed.

How To Control And Eradicate Rodents?

Learning to control and eradicate rodents starts with one straightforward option: Do you wish to do things most simply or go with the hard one?

Perhaps the fastest and simplest way to eradicate rodents can be as straightforward as contacting rodent pest control Melbourne professionals. Otherwise, it may feel like you are chasing elusive rodents in the walls.

Use Mouse Traps

The classic, old wood snap traps can do the trick if you have a light rodent population, but remember that most people underestimate rodent infestations. It is not uncommon to put many traps for only one rodent – or perhaps what you suspect is only one rodent. Except for hiring rodent control services, traps are one of the effective ways to control rodents.

Eliminate Entry Points

Rodent-proofing your property or building rodents out is an efficient way to eradicate rodents and stop rodent infestation from increasing or happening in the first place. Eliminate easy access and entry points to defend your property from rodents. Seal cracks in any openings or foundations in the walls, including places where vents and utility pipes occur. Caulking the open holes or stuffing steel wool in them can be helpful. Use weather stripping for sealing window and door gaps.

Select The Best Baits For Rodent Traps

You may use whatever foods the rodents are eating inside your house for bait. Even rodents-approved favorites like peanut butter, chocolate, dried fruits, hazelnut spread, or oatmeal can work. Replace the bait after every couple of days. If food is not working, try using nesting materials like feathers or cotton balls.

Bait Stations

These are sealed packets that contain pellets or meals. Generally, they are sold with a bait station that contains the poison securely. The rodents feed on these baits and die. Though this is effective in controlling rodents, using them on residential property isn’t the best method to kill rodents in the house. Such products should be handled by experienced pest control Melbourne professionals to guarantee everyone’s safety.

Tackle the Rodents Outside The Property Too

Ensure to remove any debris around your house where rodents can hide. Destroy nesting areas and burrow and minimize weeds as you locate them. Lining the house foundation with a heavy gravel strip can be an excellent way to avoid burrowing and nesting. The less clutter and debris around your property and home, the simpler it is to find signs of rodent activities and stop rodents.

If you are still finding it difficult to control rodents, your best bet is to call professional Pest control Melbourne experts. Based on the infestation level, your home, and other vital factors, they will work to determine an efficient and effective solution to the rodent problem.

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