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Essay and abstract paper Banks

Banks of essays are forbidden territory for excellent students. But enterprising good and triple students know that they can find a good basis for their future work there. We compile a little, add information from books (they can be found in the list of references of the same abstracts), a bit of practice, and voila – the work for 4 or 5 points is ready.

But which banks should you use? From the point of view of the quality of materials, it is difficult to evaluate – it all depends on the topic and type of work. But the convenience of banks of abstracts can be appreciated. Therefore, we have selected six of the most comfortable of them for you.

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The biggest bank. It stores more than 1 million documents. It is difficult to understand all this wealth, but it is possible. The site has a rubricator, but it seemed to us not very convenient due to the lack of a filter. If you want to find something worthwhile, then you have to scroll through all the pages of a particular category. For example, in “Literature” there are more than a hundred of them. Therefore, we advise you to use the search. There you can choose a narrower topic, read the description, and the date when the work was added to the site.

If the search did not help, then you can turn to the partners of the site for help. Including us.

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Perhaps the second largest bank of abstracts. It is very suitable for those who are not going to take someone else’s term paper or essay and care about the security of the computer (otherwise you never know what can be downloaded along with the scientific work).

The interesting things on the site are the rating from users and the rating that the material received from the teacher. The “similar works” button can also be attributed to the pluses, but it works in a very peculiar way.

By the way, “similar documents” at the bottom of the page can be a great help when you collect information. It recommends something that will suit your theme.

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He can also recommend similar works to you, and also tell you about the most popular works on the site. Whether to take something from there or not depends on your desire for uniqueness.

In general, the site is user-friendly and, which is very nice, without ads. Nothing distracts on the way to knowledge. The only drawback is that not all themes are on the main page. Again, it is better to search for material through the search.

Works can not be downloaded, but viewing them online is not very convenient. The site seems to force you to download the file after all.

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This is not just a bank of abstracts and term papers, but a full-fledged student file archive – there are study papers, manuals, photos of lectures, and much more. All files are arranged in folders of which there is a huge number (I found mine).

True, it is not difficult to navigate in this large catalog – the site has a very convenient search.

But absolutely everything can be downloaded for free via direct links, without any file sharing – you do not need to wait a few minutes to download the file at minimum speed.

Another plus: the site has a minimalistic design and no ads, so nothing distracts.

● AbstractBank

The rubricator here is a bit long, but it is divided into groups. The most convenient is the division into paid and free work. The description of the freebies is a bit poor, but if you select a specific work, you can read it.

In paid ones, you can see the introduction, conclusion, and content. The list of works indicates the number of pages and sources, and most importantly, the price, which varies from 90 to 2,000 rubles. The only negative is the lack of a filter by date. If you want to find something fresher, you will have to do it manually.

● Twirpx

Almost like an electronic library. The catalog contains a huge number of useful journals, term papers, abstracts, and educational literature. The site exists not least thanks to a huge community of students, graduate students, undergraduates, and teachers from all over Russia and neighboring countries, who regularly upload new materials to the Twirpx library.

The main feature of the site: is the points system. Upon registration, you will be asked to “pay” for any materials on the site. When the payment runs out, you will not be able to download files.File payment should be done on time  otherwise you will not be able to access the files.

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