How to get a student visa for Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan is a very famous country in the eastern region. This country is rich with oils and gases which make up for most of its economic growth. Azerbaijan borders Iran, Russian, Armenia and Georgia and has a population of more than eight million people according to recent statistics. Now you must know that the literacy rate of this country is quite high and students from all across the globe today tend to apply for the Azerbaijan visa for education facilities. Student Azerbaijan visa application can be obtained quite easily from the embassy.

If you are interested in schooling in Azerbaijan then you would need to apply for the Student Azerbaijan visa. This visa type cannot be obtained online. You have to formally apply for it with an agency or you need to directly communicate with the local Azeri embassy in your country. The Azerbaijan visa ASAN facility is only valid for tourists and not for students.

Documents you need for getting the student visa

When it comes to applying for the student visa you need to complete some documentation. You need to check Azerbaijan visa requirements for students before applying. Some of the basic requirements have been discussed below for your knowledge:

1. First thing you need is an invitation letter from a university in Azerbaijan. You can apply online for admissions in different universities. If you get selected you would get an invitation letter from them which you need to attach with the student visa application form.

2. Second most important thing to get an Azerbaijan visa is to show proof of your income. You need to show the embassy that you can fully afford your tuition fee along with your stay in the country.

3. You need a valid passport to apply for the student visa. The passport should be issued within the decade you are applying for the student visa.

4. Next you have to obtain the student Azerbaijan visa application form from the embassy and fill it out with accurate information. Having errors in the form would get your visa request rejected.

5. You also need to pay the student visa fee in advance. Know that this fee is higher than Azerbaijan tourist visa fee. You can check the fee from the embassy or from your agent.

6. Other than all these requirements you need to attach a copy of your flight ticket. You have to book the flight before the start of your classes at the university offering you the letter.

7. And the last document you need to show is your HIV test certificate.

Universities in Azerbaijan can help foreign students find accommodation near the university, give advice on immigration procedures, visa registration and arrival arrangements so one doesn’t have to apply for Azerbaijan travel visa separately to complete all these arrangements. Once you get a student visa for Azerbaijan, you are going to enjoy quality education along with the beauty of Azerbaijan. So stop thinking and start applying to the best universities in Azerbaijan.

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