Handmade items are not only famous for the warmth and the hard work they require, but they are also popular for the love that is weaved in within every strand of a stitch. Be it a handknit item or a hand-crocheted article, the dearness and the liveliness of every stitch are worth a million dollars.

For crocheting different items, a different set of components and articles are needed. For example, for crocheting a blanket, a crocheter will require a bigger and a stronger set of needles, to provide comfort to the hands and ensure that the work is being done efficiently and there is no difficulty in making stitches.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the best crochet hook sets.


These hooksets are the most comfortable ones that you will ever use. These crochet hooks are ideal for people who feel a sense of strain in their hands while holding the crochet hooks. It is a perfect option for people who suffer from arthritis and frequently get cramps in their hands.

These hooks offer a good grip because they are made up of high-quality plastic, they easily slide through various stitches offering a smooth operation throughout the process of crocheting.

The handle of these hooks is made of rubber, which helps one in having a strong grip all through the crocheting. In a nutshell, an Ergonomic Crochet hook set will offer a smooth glide and a firm grip on the crocheter.


As the name suggests, these hook sets are environment friendly as they are made of bamboo sticks.

Bamboo having the feature of being lightweight makes this crochet set an ideal choice for people, the lighter the weight of the needle is, the prompter the stitch move will be.

These hooks prevent the stitch from unnecessary tightening and make a soft yet firm grip. They are particularly ideal if you do not want any bruises from the metal while making stitches.


In the previous point, we discussed bamboo crochet hooks, while they too come in the category of wooden crochet hooks, there is a slight difference between the both of them.

Wooden streamlined crochet hooks are a little more sturdy and can bear more strength than bamboo hooks can hold.

Since these are made from different types of wood except bamboo, the market has a large number of options to choose from.

Besides being sturdy and light, they are eco-friendly, which means that they do not pose any threat to the environment especially when the point of disposal is considered.

If one has to weave a bigger item and requires the comfort of a wooden hook one can go for a Jumbo Wooden Crochet Hook. These hooks are bigger in size in comparison to the normal ones and can be used to make faster moves to cover a wider area and to make articles that are bigger in size.


The Tunisian crochet hooks are one of the most popular hook sets in the market.

While they help us to get the best of the two worlds that is, knitting and crocheting, this type of crochet hooks are ideal for beginners to learn crocheting fast and helps to complete an article twice as fast as knitting or crocheting individually would do.

These hooks are ideal for people who feel a little bored with the ordinary hook sets and want to try something new. The outcome of the hooks is also slightly different from what it would have been having we used an ordinary hook set.


These hooks are well-known for their design. They offer an amazing way of positioning the strand of the thread and the hold of the hook that offers extra precision while the crocheting process is being done.

This kind of hook is preferred for intense and intricate detailing of the design, thus, making it all the more a choice of a wide population of crocheters.

Besides all the minuteness it covers, it offers extra comfort to the crocheter by offering them smooth movement and lightweight, taking away all the load that they may feel while making complicated stitches.

These were a few crochet hook sets that suit best according to the different needs and preferences of the people. Each one of them among the ones listed above has a different set of qualities and features, some may suit a set of people, and some may not.

Crochet hook sets vary with the item being weaved, the ease of making a stitch and the comfort provided by each one of them are of utmost importance when choosing a set.

One may try each of them and choose which suits their needs the most.