AthenaHealth vs Elation Health – Compare Features, Costs, and Demos

AthenaHealth EMR is the nation’s top supplier of cloud-based and on-premise healthcare solutions for medical organizations and health systems. Through their medical record, revenue cycle, patient engagement, and care coordination products, they seek to realize their vision of a healthy ecosystem that provides accessible, high-quality, and sustainable healthcare to everyone. Athena EHR helps clients to get important insights that make a difference for their customers by using current technology in an open and connected environment supported by skilled service and support teams.

Elation is a cloud-based EHR system aimed mainly at managing the everyday operations of physicians and other medical professionals. Small and medium-sized hospitals, primary care units, and independent practice centers that make their own EMR choices can use this approach. The system delivers invoicing and practice management tools and its fundamental EHR capabilities.

AthenaHealth EHR Software

Key Features

EHR Management Tools

You can save time on clinical work with simplified processes and access more comprehensive patient data during patient contacts. AthenaHealth’s EHR presents data and insights from our network of 135K professionals in real-time. Spend less time recording patient visits and eliminate distractions. Pre-encounter preparation and process customization allow for more efficient and accurate documentation.

You can close more care gaps and enhance value-based care outcomes with reliable, real-time data. Make choices based on actionable information immediately injected into your workflows at the point of care.

Patient Engagement

Our prestigious patient portal provides your patients with a user-friendly approach to viewing and managing their health data. It provides a protected online platform for tasks such as seeing test results and communicating with the care team.

Facilitate online bill understanding and payment for patients. Our mobile and online payment capabilities enable patients to pay at their convenience. Make it simple for patients to book appointments at their convenience. Online appointment scheduling reduces administrative effort and no-shows.


Athena’s telehealth features include group video conferencing. Include up to four caregivers or other care team members in a video consultation so they can engage in an encounter. Increase the video window size for a closer look, or reduce and reposition it to facilitate recording while keeping eye contact. The window can be changed to provide assistance in times of care. Patients get reminders and communicate using the email and text message channels they are already familiar with.

AthenaHealth EMR Cost

The AthenaHealth EMR cost is not available on the website. However, the cost is customized for every practice, and you can contact AthenaHealth support to request a quote.

AthenaHealth EHR Demo

You can also schedule a 1-on-1 AthenaHealth EHR demo through the official vendor profile. It will help you see the software from different angles and ask any questions regarding its functions.

AthenaHealth EHR Reviews

The Athenahealth EHR reviews show that it is an efficient solution that can help you create more accuracy in diagnosing and treating patients.

Elation Health EHR Software

Key Features

Revenue Management Tools

Elation’s RCM (revenue cycle management) monitors and analyses reimbursements in relation to your contracts to guarantee that you are maximizing each payer agreement. Learn the reasons why your claims were rejected or refused, and modify suggested practices to prevent them in the future. Detailed analytics provide clear insights into your practice’s income, performance, and improvement opportunities. Your account manager will assist you in identifying continuing strategic opportunities to generate new income, lower expenses, and maximize cash flow.


Elation Telehealth’s HIPAA-compliant video platform inside our EHR, powered by Zoom, enables your practice to provide virtual treatment without implementing and maintaining a separate system. It helps you save time planning appointments by streamlining the scheduling and intake process. It automatically creates everything patients need to attend their individual or group visit with ease. Provide a seamless patient experience at scale with high-quality video and audio, allowing physicians to host the appointment on their smartphone while quickly recording.


With Elation Health EMR, doctors and practices can communicate with patients before the visit through online patient appointment scheduling, appointment alerts and reminders, electronic intake forms, and Passport, Elation’s private patient portal. With its straightforward charting tools, e-ordering, templated notes, automatic coding, and clinical reminders, providers maximize every patient visit.

Flexible care management instruments, such as the clinical profile, health maintenance, and care gaps, facilitate a patient-centered approach to medicine. Using cross-organization Elation messaging, record sharing, and direct messaging, this EHR enables doctors to connect electronically with partnering providers. The software simplifies charting and administrative chores to improve clinical reasoning and automates coding to guarantee that practices are reimbursed for their care.

Elation EMR Pricing

The Elation EMR pricing offers 3-tier subscription options. Direct Care costs $349 per month, the Insurance plan costs $399, and the enterprise option is customizable.

Elation EMR Demo

To see how Elation EMR can be used to simplify practice workflows and enhance patient care, you can request the Elation EMR demo through the website.

Elation EMR Reviews

According to most of the Elation Health EHR software reviews, it is a reliable tool, easy to use, and customized according to your workflow requirements.

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Conclusion: Athenahealth vs Elation Health

Athena provides vital functions that simplify various care professionals’ regular responsibilities. Numerous customers thought that the system provided all of the desired features, had an intuitive UI and did not encounter any system downtime. Users also thought that customer assistance adequately addressed the majority of their complaints.

Elation Health’s exhaustive search function allows physicians to swiftly access patient medical records (regular symptoms, vitals, cholesterol values, etc.). Doctors can manufacture prescriptions by automatically refilling current scripts and electronically transmitting them to either in-house or external pharmacies, based on patient desire. With built-in messaging features, medical practitioners can securely exchange patient clinical data with colleagues and patients themselves.

Athena and Elation are helpful to practice management tools with diverse features. However, with Elation, you will already know what it costs you. Athena software, on the other hand, can also be used for individual and large practices.

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