A list of 10 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes You should Avoid

There are a few fatal marketing mistakes, but being given the exact step-by-step solutions to transform your entire business is a whole new level of value and importance and never has there been a more important time to get this right with

marketing costs rising competition at an all-time high and an almost overwhelming

supply of new marketing tactics and tools and strategies to choose from it’s

understandable that there’s so much frustration and overwhelm and

complaining going on out there.

If you’re making any of these mistakes you’re only making it harder on yourself so let’s fix that now starting with mistake number one a failing funnel.


With everything getting more expensive and more competitive out there

the way that you win is by being strategic and by getting more juice out of every squeeze and that’s what a well-designed marketing funnel is all about a marketing funnel also known as a sales funnel. Funnels are really a significant digital marketing services.

A funnel really is just a way to sort of visually map out the customer journey that someone has to go through from first learning about you and your business all the way through to ending up as a customer at the end and essentially every step in between that got them to where they are now. The worst offence here is not having a marketing instead just hoping and wishing and praying that maybe magically and mysteriously customers will just find their way to your doorstep and buy from you but that’s not.

Now the easiest way to map out your funnel is really just to think about what happens when a customer buys from you and then reverse engineer the process essentially breaking down every single preceding step that somebody had to go through in order to end up at that end state of becoming a customer.


Mistake number two in digital marketing strategy is missing metrics. One of the biggest reasons that digital marketing doesn’t work is because it wasn’t designed to.


For example when most people think about marketing they think about creating content for Instagram or writing a blog post or maybe starting a podcast or a Youtube channel so they make some stuff then put it out there.

Just because a social media post a blog a podcast or even a youtube channel doesn’t increase the marketing those are all just tools and tactics and things that you can do in service of the greater good being making sales and generating customers and increasing revenue. The problem though is that just doing things for the sake of doing them without any clear idea of how or when or even if they’re going to lead to revenue is just craziness.  You need to know your numbers your metrics your analytics you need to know what tactics are delivering results and which ones aren’t and you need to know where your calls and your clicks and your traffic.

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool set designed for everyone from junior marketers all the way up to SEO experts.  Ahrefs gives you everything you need to rank higher from comprehensive website audits that allow you to check your website for over a hundred predefined SEO issues gives you the ability to analyse your competitor’s websites with site explorer and the ability to find exactly what keywords your customers are searching for with the keyword explorer and a ton of other incredibly useful features.

Marketing Avoidance

Number three is perhaps the biggest and most dangerous of all the mistakes in the digital marketing service is also one of the simplest to fix and that is marketing avoidance. when it comes to business marketing the single most important element to your business success is to spread the word and get more customers and make more sales and really just to help make sure that you have a business there at all now.

Marketing avoidance is an easy trap to fall into and it can be fatal to your

business and its overall growth. If you wait to start marketing until things are a little bit slow and you really need it well may be too late and you’re going to need to

work twice as hard to get half as many results half as many results half as

many results so the solution to this is to start marketing now and if you’re

already doing marketing and getting excellent results than double down now’s

your opportunity to capture even more market share from those who are just

putting it off until later and on.


Content marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing there is and lucky for us content marketing is also one of the most simple concepts to grasp in this crazy digital marketing world we live in you see for people and putting it out there in words it’s making content for your market but there is a difference between good content and bad content.

Good content is content that your market likes finds valuable and wants more of it has nothing to do with production value or how pretty and shiny and fancy it looks or how much time or money or energy you put into it bad content on the other hand is content that your market doesn’t enjoy doesn’t find valuable and doesn’t want more of and the only way to see what your market views as good content or bad content is to make content and put it out there see what works and what doesn’t.

Good content will be content that your audience finds entertaining or educational or enjoyable. Bad content will be content that’s boring or irrelevant or overly promotional which really just means that you’re just trying to sell people stuff and not giving them any real value now the good news about making content is that you can pretty much safely ignore all of the opinions of your friends and your family.


The next mistake in digital marketing service is all about quantity. Some people’s marketing be like making the odd social media post or sending an email or two or maybe throwing a few dollars at ads every once in a while but that’s about it the problem with this approach though is that it fails to hit enough people enough times in order to get them to take action.


It falls below the minimum effective dose which can be described as the smallest amount of input required to achieve the desired outcome most businesses fall here doing marketing half-hearted and not getting any results the smart ones though push through they find the things that work.


The next mistake digital marketing service you’re making is you’re not collecting subscribers through push notifications.

Are you using push notifications?

Anytime you have new content or products or services that you want to sell, then you can notify ’em through Subscribers.com


You should provide an amazing user experience. And when you provide an amazing user experience, create a great product, create a great service, it’ll help you build a great brand over time.

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Whether it’s a lead or whether it’s getting people to buy your product, there’s nothing wrong with asking people to buy from you. If you don’t, you’re not going to generate any sales.

One of the most common marketing mistakes that many small businesses make when trying to promote their services online, they don’t have a properly crafted value ladder. A value ladder is simply a system or strategy a business has to stack their services on top of others so that one service bills on the value of the other now how do we how to break that down.

A very strong value ladder in place and make sure that’s reflected in your online strategy as well.

So if you avoid those mistakes, you follow those tips, you’re going to generate more sales, do better at online marketing, and you’re going to crush it.

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