10 Things to Do Before You Buy the Diamond Ring

Are you in love and planning to make the big move with a diamond ring? Here is a list of must-do’s before picking the perfect ring.

Work Out a Realistic Budget

One thing to keep in mind is that diamond rings aren’t cheap. In fact, they aren’t even affordable to some. Thus, you will need to set a budget that is realistic. With a budget too low, you are certainly not going to find a diamond, or you might just end up settling for one that does not match the level of quality it is supposed to.

Nevertheless, it does not mean you need to spend fortunes, either. Surely, you’d only want to get your lady nothing less than the best, but you need to set a limit to your budget so you can get your hands on one that is gorgeous yet affordable and of the best quality. Search ‘buy diamonds Melbourne’ on the web to browse special collections online.

Book Consultations

You might think it to be a personal affair, but it is always a good idea to use the help of experts to pick a great ring. When you know of her likes and dislikes, the experts will guide you through the other aspects that involve diamond shapes, cuts, colour, and all the key things.

Choose the Stone Carefully

After speaking to an expert, you’d surely end up with full of insight and suddenly feel educated. In other words, you’d realize that there are a ton of things you had absolutely no clue of. The insight should help you choose your ring with less confusion.

Based on your budget, you will be able to narrow down your choices (considering factors such as shape, weight, size and cut), and then pick one that you think will best match the fancies of your lady love.

Choose the Metal

Having chosen a stone so precious, you certainly will want to make sure that it fits into the metal you pick, beautifully. Gold is what almost everyone opts for, partly because it is like the tradition, and partly because it is ideal in every way. You can also opt for types of gold, ranging from rose gold, white gold, or blended gold (with copper, silver, or platinum).

Once again, keep in mind the preferences of your lady and focus mostly on what she will love. Also, you need to know that, in this case, it is the quality or fineness of gold and not the weight that is defined by carats. The higher carats of gold you opt for, the higher the prices go.

Choose a Style

By style, we mean setting of the diamonds. Again, you are likely to have gotten some insight on this area as well during your consultation with the experts. Thus, keeping in mind what your better half will like, you’d need to choose from solitaire, a shoulder, three stone, or a halo setting on the ring.

Get Her Ring Size!

It is not going t be easy adjusting a ring that has been crafted and finished beautifully. In most cases, adjustment is not even possible. Thus, never visit the jewellery store without the ring size, and never try to assume!

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