5 Latest Interior Design Trends

If you’re a home maker who tries out all the latest trends that comes out every year, this article is for you! Like fashion trends, design trends are triggered by current events, culture, latest habits and practices etc. The combination of colours to use, the latest materials that are going to be popular, the shapes that will take a centre stage are all key things to know.

Changing up your home will change the flow of energy in the house, and by extension give you peace and comfort in its own way. If covid has taught us anything, it is to ensure that your living space is a haven for each and every individual, and adding that extra oomph to it every year will give an additional spark to your life as well.

Curves Vs. Straight lines

Soft edges and curves are taking the spotlight this year. Comfortable, pudgy chairs and sofas, curved wall edges, circular and oval shaped furniture, paintings, wall art are popular this year to create the same ambiance. Subconsciously curved furniture and art are considered more open, welcoming and comfortable. These soft and friendly shapes are prominent features that set the mood for interior designers.

Warm Coors

Staying in line to the previous theme, warm colours that reflects and bounces off light are a popular theme this year. With hybrid working hours, and fluid working arrangements, people have been staying at home more in comparison to the previous years. So, take a quick trip to the paint store and bring in those warm yellows, browns and beiges to revitalize your space. Earthy tones can be used to add a pop of colour for the lighter shades.

Indoor Plants

With people spending more time at home, being eco-friendly, sustainable and being one with the environment has been the theme for this year. Bringing in natural elements, such as woodsy floors, earthy tones, indoor plants, granite table tops are some of the main trends that are popular this year. All non-synthetic materials are popular and in demand as well.

Fluid & Flexible spaces

With smaller apartments and living spaces, the latest trend is to find convertible spaces to suit the mood and the need. Multi-functional furniture, transform-able beds, fold out chairs and tables are some of the most popular pieces for small spaces and apartments for the year 2022. These furniture pieces come with subtle wheels to make sure that they can be moved easily too.

Smart Technology

Smart locks, security systems, lights, air conditioners and heaters, blinds, plugs etc. have been the most popular elements for interior design this year. Individuals are looking for maximum comfort and convenience. Home assistants have made this much easier for all smart products. It also ensures efficiency in the usage of power and electronics and saves a lot of time for individuals.

Changing up your home and living space every year can be an expensive task. But there are many ways that you can accommodate these changes with DIY efforts. Changing up your space with time is needed for the new flow of energy in your living space, and give room for growth as well.

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