Are Shoelaces Made Of Different Material?

As we all have a lot of shoes in our wardrobe, right? but have you ever thought much about your shoelaces, I’m sure nobody pays attention to shoelaces?

You probably have no idea that shoelaces are made of different materials, and you can also tie them in different styles. But people hardly learn to tie their shoelaces properly, I’m saying it because I’m one of those people. Other than knowing the color of your laces you should also know different materials of shoelaces too, let’s get to know more about them.

Shoelace Made From

1. Cotton

Fashion shoes, sports shoes, all come with shoelaces, and it won’t be wrong to say that most sports shoes come along with shoelaces and people prefer them. Shoelaces are much more comfortable and are perfect to play any sports comfortably. Get any type of shoes from your shoe collection at jaw-dropping prices by using van promo codes and get up to 30% on shopping. Tennis shoes come with flat cotton shoelaces and they are mostly white but they also come in red, yellow, glitter, and rainbow colors too.

Advantages Of Cotton Shoelaces

Cotton shoelaces are easy to clean and wash, as you can wash them with cold water. Cotton shoelaces also come in different styles like round and flat but different styles of shoelaces don’t affect the shoelace’s performance. It is just a customer demand that shoe brands fulfilled to satisfy their demands by offering such styled shoelaces. The benefit of cotton shoelaces is they are thin so they easily get dry if placed in a bright well-ventilated area. They are easy to replace with the new one at a cheap cost if you are unable to clean it or if it gets too dirty to be washed or ripped. You can easily find them anywhere since they are widely available in most shoe and drug stores.

2. Textured Polyester

This type of shoelace is usually found in boots, and work shoes. Plus, they are more durable than the cotton ones and because of the polyester, they have water-resistant properties. Because of its durability properties, this type of shoelace is best for ice skating shoes and skateboarding shoes. Polyester material makes shoelaces thicker so that they are less tangled and endanger the skater because of their constant movements. Textured polyester material has few color options, unlike cotton that has several options. This type of shoelace material comes in black and white mostly. They are easy to wash and you can wash them in a machine but make sure to dry them in the air to avoid frying the polyester and aglets. If you care for these shoelaces properly then they will last for many years.

3. Spun Polyester

This material type for shoelace is like textured polyester but it looks more uniform and smoother than its textured brethren. This material is durable yet soft enough to bend and subside under its weight. As you can see in other shoelaces, they look corded but, in this material, you won’t see it. These types of shoelaces are highly acceptable in the shoe market because they are fine in quality and have attractive colors that attract customers towards them. They are highly compatible, have vibrant colors, and are durable.

4. Nylon

Nylon shoelaces are a bit more expensive than other types of shoelaces. This type of shoelace is thick, that’s why it is tangle resistant but resists dirt and water as well. Nylon is one of the most reliable fabrics that is used in everything and has the longest year of life. And trust me you won’t regret paying more money for this type of shoelaces as they will last for many years. These shoelaces are perfect for walking boots and shoes. If you are looking for any shoes then check Matisse footwear as they have a great diversity in shoe design. Plus, if you use matisse footwear coupon codes then you surely get amazed by the saving amount.

5. Elastic Shoe Laces

These types of materials made for the laces are specially designed for those people who find it difficult to tie shoelaces. As these let them slip their feet without the need to adjust the laces because these shoes’ lace tends to attach to the horizontal holes of the shoe. If you want to replace your old shoelace with these you can easily and can make your shoes a no tie version. As they are very easy and convenient for many people who don’t know how to tie shoelaces quickly, like me! It is said to be a great innovation in the shoelace industry that makes the whole process quick.

Benefits Of Elastic Shoe Laces

Although these shoelaces follow the same basic design principle as traditional shoelaces. These shoelaces are especially useful for athletic footwear, for elderly people who find it difficult to tie their shoelaces, and for kids too. It is difficult for athletes to tie and untie laces, but this elastic shoelace gives them a tremendous advantage, especially for triathlons, cross-country events, and the like. As a result, they save precious seconds which may spell the difference between victory and failure.

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Different Aglets

I also want to give you guys a brief knowledge about aglets that also have different types. You don’t know what it is? Well, it is the hard plastic coating at the end of the shoelace, called an aglet. These also come in different styles, some are made of metal, threaded aglets. Metal aglets are easily available in hobby stores. This type of aglet is attached to the end of the lace and so your aglet will never break and will help you in easily braiding. In threaded style aglets, you need to create a tight aglet by wrapping thread around the edge of the shoelace. Although it is cheap and visually appealing it is hard to make the thread. Plus, it requires a lot of time, and if you’re running late, it becomes a big problem.