9 Tips about SEO you need to know

Would you like to rank your site on your first Google page? Today I will share some fantastic tips and tricks that will help you improve your website ranking. Each SEO expert has a different strategy and works with its style, but this tips is one of the most important parts of SEO that they need to learn. First of all, you need to know the type of SEO. Three types of SEO will be used for each SEO expert.

On page SEO

Off-page SEO

Technical SEO

But in this blog, you will learn some of the essential tips.

Here are some essential tips and tricks to help you rank your site and improve traffic.

Complete sited Audit on a daily basis

First, in Being of Seo Strategy, you must audit your site and watch problems such as broken links, orphan pages, and non-index pages. It is better to audit your site daily; you will see the problem when it is generated, and it is easy to solve daily. There are a lot of audit tools available on the market; some essential tools that use by each SEO expert:




A mobile-friendly and fast website

If your site is not good and not mobile friendly, it won’t be easy to rank your site on Google. You need to optimize your site according to mobile structure and solve the problem that will slow your site.

Create user-friendly content for a website

First, you need to write user-friendly content and then make it Google Friendly, and this type of content is challenging to write. This comprehensive content makes your relationship with the user, and Google will promote this type of content. Quality content is one of the most important ranking factors in promoting the site on the first page. Learn new SEO techniques on Magazine in USA.

Find a relevant keyword and use it in content.

Find the best relevant keyword with low competition and a large volume about your topic. When all keywords are selected, place these keywords smoothly in the content. Google Crawl, all the content, get the SEO-based keyword and promote it in Google.

Add internal links to pages.

This is one of the essential parts of SEO. The internal links connect a page to another page of the website. It also helps to index your new page if the new page is interlinked with the already indexed page. This is also helpful in increasing the user time on the webpage. When the user reads your blog and clicks on the internal link, it will be transferred to another page, increasing the user experience.

Generate high-quality backlinks to relevant sites.

A backlink is a part of off-page SEO where we work for our site on the other website. We create a link of our site to another site, and this link shares their site authority with our site. An example of a backlink is the comment, profile, directors, etc. When Google crawls on this site and sees our Backlink, then Google will improve our site authority.

Use meaningful meta titles and meta descriptions on every single page

The Meta Title and Meta-Description attract the user, which is why you must use Meta-Title. The meta description is a short description of our entire blog, and this represents our blog. You also need to use Focus keywords in the Meta title and description, which is better for our website ranking.

Select low competitions keyword for easy rank

The keyword is the query that the user on Google types, and the desired information covers the keyword. There are two types of keywords long-tail keywords and short-tailed keywords. In the long-tailed keyword, the user describes their query briefly; in the short tail, it uses a short keyword and does not briefly describe the query. Therefore, the low competition keyword is easy to rank, so you need to use a low keyword. For the most part, the competition is low in the long-tail keyword, so you must select a long-tailed keyword to start your site ranking.

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Create an SEO-friendly URL

Short URL Google Prefers instead of long URLs. When Google meets the user’s query, they have read the page’s content and URL; If you shortly describe your URL, that will be perfect for your SEO strategy. You can shorten your URL by removing the number, erasing unimportant characters and optional words, and making it readable.


This blog covers all major point that is important to know during SEO. All of this is important for Google’s ranking. These tips are capable when properly using them, and each SEO expert uses these tricks during SEO Strategy. Many tools are available where you can audit your site and improve your website optimization.

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