Why You Should Learn to Play the Drums

Among the oldest and most widely used instruments on the planet is the drums. It is included in almost all musical genres and played in most civilizations across time. There are numerous surprising advantages to learning, practicing and playing the drums on a daily basis.

The below post would hopefully inspire you to start or continue your musical path to mastering the drums. Studying a musical instrument like the drums, whether you’ve never played before or are a professional wanting to hone your craft, would gain you the following:

Enhanced concentration and self-discipline

Becoming competent at playing and mastering any musical instrument takes time and dedication. To develop a strict practicing and playing routine needs positive inclination to reach the goal of being adept in playing. This is what is required if you want to learn and play the drums, self-discipline and focus.

Disciplining yourself and training to concentrate and focus can be developed and nurtured, with deliberate practice. Learning to play the drums will help us develop discipline and concentration in other areas of our lives, from theory to practical application. Learning the fundamentals of drumming be it by practicing on an electronic drum kit or an acoustic drum kit is a steep learning curve that takes time to master. Mastering the instrument necessitates a firm commitment to the craft.

Enhanced dexterity and coordination

Playing the drums or any other instruments for that matter need coordination and dexterity. In order to be able to play well, we must develop dexterity in all of our limbs to master the drums. In addition to synchronizing our arms and legs we also need to learn to sight-read music from time to time, which requires an additional degree of coordination.

Hitting the drums or cymbal at the exact time in the right spot for tone and volume and with the perfect velocity takes a lot of competence. Since we are using our limbs in other aspects of life, we will undoubtedly benefit from the development of such skills by playing the drums.

Enhanced well being

If you have not heard of it yet before, there is such a thing as music therapy. Studies and experts have recommended learning to play a musical instrument because it helps us deal with the daily stresses of our life. Enhancing our well-being by improving our communication skills, better emotional health and less anxiety and agitation are among the positive results of learning how to play a musical instrument.

Playing the drums also help to rehabilitate our heart, lungs and brain. Not only does it aid us in managing our stress, playing the drums also improves our memory and provide us an outlet to express our emotions.

Once you already know how to play the drums, you could even earn money from it by performing at clubs, dinner parties, coffee shops etc. You could also stream revenues by posting your videos of yourself playing the drums online. You could even provide drum lessons and get paid for it. Once you have learned to play the drums, you would have an additional marketable ability.

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