What Are 5 Types Of Mattress

When you wake up with aches and pain or not sleeping well at all then it is time to replace your old mattress with the new one. Having lumps or bumps on your sleep surface are all signs that it is time to buy a new mattress but don’t know what type of mattress to buy?

There are a lot of options you can consider when going mattress shopping. As we are living in the technology world now, we have different materials and firmness ratings to choose from to maximize our comfort. We all have different sleeping positions, right? so you can also influence which type might be the best for you.

Different Types Of Bed Mattress

I’ll tell you 5 of the best bed mattresses and will tell you which is the right fit for your bedroom. By telling you all the features and then you can decide what will work best for you.

  1. Memory Foam
  2. Innerspring
  3. Hybrid
  4. Latex
  5. Adjustable Air

Memory Foam

Thanks to this type of mattress, sweaty, sticky, hot, and non-breathable nights are over. Several brands are offering top-notch foam mattresses at reasonable prices. Do you want to know who invented this type of amazing product? NASA invented it in the 1970s. The main goal of inventing this type is to give heavy cushioning and crash protection for pilots on airplanes and as well as passengers too. This type is still being used in that capacity too. Want to make your bed feel more comfortable then check Sheex discount codes, they are offering comfortable bedding sheets that you will love to have.

Why Choose Memory Foam?

When you lie on the bed it disperses your weight evenly over the surface because of the material used in it also called Visco elastic foam. Sleeper who sleeps in one position for too long then they might wake with achy joints or pain, right? then this memory foam type of mattress helps you in reliving all such types of pain. If you are one of those who feel cold during sleep then this foam will help you in keeping you warm because of the technology when your body touches its surface then it can make the bed seem warmer. And if you feel warm then you may consider the new technology innovations designed to keep you cooler like gel-infusion. These new technological support layers will keep you cool when you sleep.


If we talk about one of the oldest types of bed mattresses then surely innerspring-type mattresses will come on the top list. As they have come a long way since 1857, it is that much old when it was first invented. Several modern updates make this mattress more comfortable and stable than ever before.

Why Choose Innerspring?

Innerspring is made up of steel soil support that gives perfect support to the sleeper. Such coils can be designed in 2 ways, one is connected and the other is individually wrapped. All coils feed into a single unit in a connected design, which gives the bed a bouncier feel. And when your partner moves, you will feel their movement. Whereas, in an individually wrapped, the coils function independently from one another. And in this design, you won’t feel any bounce if your partner rolls over in the middle of the night, so choose wisely according to your preference.


This type of mattress is a combination of two types, that is foam and the other one is innerspring. It is the combination of 2 of the best types of mattresses to give you more comfort for sleep. They give sleepers excellent support, durability, and comfort.

Why Choose Hybrid Mattress?

There could be several reasons for choosing this type of mattress for your bed. As it is designed using the stand-alone pocketed coil technology, sleepers experience less motion transfer which results in them getting restful sleep. as they are topped with foam which means you will get all the hypoallergenic benefits in this type. Making you resistant to mold, bed bugs, allergens, and dust mites. These types of mattresses are one of the most expensive types of mattresses, an average range is around 2200 dollars per piece.


This type of mattress was first invented in the 1930s and in the 1960’s it went mainstream among consumers. Latex has extremely high material used to make it a final product and its production cost was an expensive choice. Its prices were too high than their competitors and a normal person was unable to afford it. But as the advances in technology, it has brought down the prices of its making cost. Making it easily accessible to every person by offering it at economical prices. a brand name SLEEP EZ  has top-notch latex mattresses at jaw-dropping prices. You can also check their SLEEP EZ COUPON CODE in your shopping to get more savings.

Why Choose Latex?

Latex types of mattresses are environmentally friendly. The material used in making latex mattresses is a plant or petroleum-based materials, which makes them popular among the eco-conscious. Latex offers perfect support to your body just lying foam type, provides a smooth surface that keeps the pressure off areas like hips and shoulders, and helps the sleeper maintain proper alignment. When it comes to preventing lower back pain, latex is the first choice of people and they prefer buying this type on others. It is also the best choice for those where partners move a lot at night. The best solution for this problem is latex suppresses motion, making it less likely you will feel it if they toss and turn helping you both to get a more restful night of sleep.

Adjustable Air Mattresses

It is best for those who are looking for something comfortable to take along on their trip or adventure like camping. Not only for camping but this type of mattress is also being liked by people and they prefer using it in their bedroom too, thanks to technology advancement. It is designed to look like a conventional bed that comes with a remote. Allows you to adjust the firmness according to your preferences.

Why Choose Air Adjustable Mattress

With the numerous air chambers in their construction, partners can adjust each side separately. This type of mattress is best for those partners who sleep in a different setting. Let me tell you one thing, you might think that since they are made of air, the prices would be low. But sadly, you are paying for the technology in this type of mattress. This mattress is the most expensive type of mattress these days. The starting price of this mattress is 500 dollars which goes up to 15k dollars.

Your Final Choice?

As you have read all the 5 best types of mattresses now it’s up to you to choose the best type for your bed according to your preferences. But make sure to look for some special consideration in deciding what to buy, like what warranty a brand is offering, are they offering a refund policy? How will they charge for delivery? And finally, check your budget and then make a purchase.