Storage ideas for small kitchens

A small kitchen can be frustrating, especially if you like to cook. But even the smallest spaces can be functional. Don’t know how to organize a small kitchen? Do you need inspiration? Do you need storage ideas for small kitchens? Don’t worry! In the following article, we show you some smart storage solutions for this important room in the house.

1. Storage under the sink

Maximize your under-sink storage space by stacking plastic bins or bins filled with sponges, dishwashing rags, and more. We advise you to use clear storage so that you can quickly see and locate all your products. 

2. Drawer storage

If you’re planning a smaller kitchen remodel without changing the space, consider using wide drawers instead of lower cabinets. They create a lot of storage space in an accessible way.

3. Cabinet door storage

Using the inside of cabinet doors is an easy way to add storage for smaller items. Spices and tea bags don’t have to take up valuable cabinet space. Instead, you can place them on the door.

4. Open shelves for pots and pans

If you’re short on a cabinet or drawer space, take a cue from professional organizer Laura Cattano and get a pot and pan rack. All you need are S hooks and a bar that can support the weight of the pots. This idea gives any small kitchen a slightly industrial feel that looks sleek and modern. 

5. Maximized cabinet space

White cabinets make a room look airier and brighter, and smaller appliances offer more counter space. Making sure upper and lower cabinets are functional and accessible helps you make the most of every space in a small kitchen.

6. Open shelves

Open shelving adds some interest to empty kitchen walls while freeing up cabinet space. If you’re short on space, even a narrow eyeglass storage rack can make a world of difference.

7. Woven baskets

When your pantry or cabinets are organized and clutter-free, the space in your kitchen increases. Labeled woven baskets are as practical as they are beautiful, and everything has a specific place in this system.

8. Clear Pantry Storage

Yes, it’s trendy and looks aesthetically pleasing, but using clear containers to store snacks also helps save space by reducing all the air-filled pockets cluttering cabinets.

9. Make the most of counter space

Having an island instead of a table is a smart way to add space to a smaller kitchen. For example, wooden shelves can display glassware and art, but countertops also double as storage for everything from cutting boards to wine glasses to plants.

10. Roll up your dryers

We’ve all felt guilty about folding our dryers and stacking them in a tower that collapses every time you grab one. Instead of storing them vertically behind a cabinet door, roll them up and place them horizontally in a shallow drawer. They’ll look much cleaner this way and won’t become a hassle every time you need them.

11. Food Containers

We all tend to want to stack storage containers on a shelf, but moving them to a deeper drawer makes them easy to see and keeps all the lids confined to one area so you don’t lose them.

12. Put everything in its place

Labeling your bins, shelves, and drawers will not only let you know where everything is, but it will also hold you accountable on days when you feel lazy about the organization. Also, you can keep your fridge organized thanks to subtle labeling.

13. Knives need their space

Unlike other cutlery, knives need to have a space to measure to be stored. If you mix them with the rest of the utensils, in addition to being dangerous when you pick them up, they can lose their sharpness sooner and be damaged.

There are several solutions to choose from to organize the knives. If you place a magnetic bar on the wall you will have the knife’s insight and always at hand to cook. For those who don’t like the metallic design, you can insert magnets into a wooden bar to magnetize the knives.

Some choose to order their knives in a vertical wooden block. If you like this option, we recommend that you choose a block that has fine sliding plastic rods inside to be able to insert knives of all sizes. Those plugs that come from the factory with the holes for the knives made in the wood are not highly recommended. When buying a new knife, it may not fit by size and you have to change the wooden block.

14. Use drawer dividers

It doesn’t matter how organized you think you can be. Unless you use drawer dividers, items are spread out freely, looking messy. Some trays will keep utensils organized and easy to spot.

When it comes to cutlery, assess your needs by removing duplicates. You may want to have multiple spatulas and nonstick pans, but if space is a challenge, strive to only have one of each.

15. Use hooks

If you don’t already have a set of kitchen hanging hooks, you’re missing out on valuable storage space. Place some hairdryers, cutting boards, and even plants here to keep them out of the way but close at hand when you need them.

So far, we’ve shown you how to keep a small kitchen organized. With these incredible ideas, you can make the most of all the space you have in your kitchen. In this way, you can cook calmly and without problems. We hope you found this information interesting and useful!.