Prominent Tools For 2023 To Add Twitter Feed to Elementor Website

We can all agree that an online presence is a must in this competitive world. As consumers are getting more familiar with online shopping and purchases, brands now realize the importance of having an appealing website.

Elementor helps these brands in having a presentable website, but when it comes to making an engaging website, is where the strategy to add Twitter feed to Elementor website comes into play. By adding a Twitter feed to your website, you can make your website charming and add an element of engagement to it as well.

You can find great tools currently available in the market that helps you to embed Twitter feed on Elementor website. But to make your work easy, we have filtered the 3 best tools available; you can find them easily, and operate them in all comfort, so without any further delays, let’s get to know them.

Add Twitter Feed To Elementor Website With These Top-Rated Tools Of 2023

Thanks to the following tools, embedding Twitter feed on Elementor becomes manageable and effortless, and functional. You can also read about some of their many features below.

A). Tagembed


Being in the competition, you might have heard about Tagembed. After all, it is one of the most talked about social media aggregator tools. The tool is known for providing easy embedding solutions with excellent features at pocket-friendly prices. Tagembed allows you to collect social media feeds from 20+ social media platforms, including Twitter. You have the freedom to curate and customize the collected feed before the tool assists you in embedding them on your website.

It is compatible with displaying all types of media on the website without affecting the speed and quality of the site. And with its compatibility with Elementor, you can easily embed Twitter feed on website. You don’t even need coding skills or knowledge to use the tool, and with ease, you can operate the tool.


Customization: The tool allows you to customize the feed widget as per your requirements. You can change the font size and style of the feed, the widget’s background color, and more. It helps in making the widget more charming and improves the overall look of your website.

Layouts and Themes: You have various layout and theme options that allow you to showcase your feed in a more organized and visually appealing manner.

Automatic Update: The feed on the widget updates automatically; there is no need to refresh the feed to get the latest content. That means your visitors get to see the newest content without refreshing the feed.

Responsive widget: There is no need to change the display setting of the widget as per different screen sizes; the widget adjusts itself as per the screen resolution automatically.

Custom CSS, analytics, Custom CTA and more.

B). Smashballoon

Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon is another amazing tool that allows you to embed Twitter feed on Elementor website. Like the tool mentioned above, it is simple to use and provides a manageable embedding solution.

Twitter feed on the website helps you in making your website more engaging and informative. You can use this tool to embed different types of content on your website. Like, you can embed hashtag feeds. In hashtag feed, you can embed any particular hashtag or promote your own hashtag feed. You can even post content from your particular Twitter handle to introduce your visitors to your Twitter presence.


Pre-built layouts: The tool provides you with multiple feed layout options. You can exhibit the feed using a list, grid, masonry, layout and more. You can even tune your layout to your exact specifications.

Moderation: You can remove the content that you think is irrelevant or unwanted, keep the feed related to your business, and at the same time maintain the quality of your website.

Feed backup: Reliable feed backup helps in providing the feed without any trouble. That means, even if the social media platform is down, it does not affect your feeds.

C). Flockler


Next on our list is Flockler. By following some simple and basic steps, you can easily embed Twitter feed on Elementor website using Flockler. As we all know, Twitter has ample content that can hold the viewers’ attention for a long time. By adding them to your website, you can hold your visitors to your website for long and improve the website engagement. Moreover, this strategy also helps increase website traffic and decrease website bounce rate.


Moderation: The tool allows you to display the tweets and posts that you think are related to your business and will generate interest in the minds of your visitors. That means you can hide all the content that does not add value to your brand or business.

Blacklist – you also have the option to hide content that is a specific keyword. You can also block content from any particular username.

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The Parting Note

There you have it; these were 3 of the best tool that allows you to embed Twitter feed on Elementor website. You can easily find these tools and use them for your cause.

So what are you waiting for?

Try them now, and take advantage of having Twitter feeds on your respective website.

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