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Growth of demand for regional movies in the mainstream audience

Role of the internet in bringing change

The internet has brought two permanent damages to our film industry. First, it curbed a significant movie-going population keeping them with the repertoire of OTTs, and second, it shifted the popularity of formulaic films into consecutive flops. But wait, does it not sound music to the ears? The film industry was waiting for a systematic change in the taste and formula that defined it for a long time. But does that mean the appetite for mainstream masala and high voltage entertainment vanished suddenly? The answer is no.

The rise of regional movies

Regional films have touched many milestones in the last few years that changed the rules of the game forever. The investment, make-believe imaginary world, and outer ornaments are so high that even the mainstream industry is running madly to find a place in the competition. First, the Telegu, Tamil, Kannadiga, and Malayalam languages might differ in many ways, but the same parameters judge the taste of their movie-going population. A single movie with a huge budget and star cast will have an equanimous impact across the region. That’s why all four industries share the same platform of producers, actors, music producers, and directors.

Telugu industry soaring high.

The Telugu industry, in particular, has observed seminal growth in the past decade. Previously, it used to grow under the long shadow cast by the Tamil movie industry, a powerhouse of commercial movies producing hundreds of iconic stars. Then, the same movies were dubbed in Telugu and made to run in the theaters.

Internal cooperation in the Southern industry

But, the internal cooperation of all four industries has changed the landscape of commercial movies forever. The star of one language is equally big a start for the rest. This is a constant challenge posed by the commercial industry in the south. Also, its popularity is rising daily, with people of Indian origin in India and worldwide jumping into the same audience pool.

A changing mainstream movie industry

The film industry in Mumbai, which ruled the roost for so many decades, is now threatened by the growing supremacy of the south. It shows the rise of the south as a pan-Indian and global phenomenon with active participation from everyone.

A shift in the audience’s taste

The online platform has contributed to the shift in the taste of Hindi and other North Indian audiences to movies based on realism devoid of the flashy, over-the-top elements it used to have. The famous song and dance method are not working anymore. Suppose you are entangled by the chains of repeated study projects and homework. You are maddening around for a break and assigned the rest of your work to some homework helpers. Now, how would you like to spend your free time? Would you watch a commercial flashy Hindi movie or an equally energetic Telugu movie? Chances are you will go for the second option.

Telugu movies and IBomma.com

We have picked one such website called IBomma.com that will let you watch, download and save popular Telugu movies and watch them in your system. So, if you have already hired a tutor or are attempting to buy your homework from external professional sources, do it quickly and look around how this website works.

IBomma.com and its operation

One of the most famous online live movie streaming websites is IBomma.com. Suppose your computer science assignment submission deadline is just around the corner, and you have very little to no option to submit those. But you desperately want to watch a Telugu movie that offers quick entertainment and a beautifully entertaining plot. Where would you go? Well, now it’s time to drop the rest of your assignment to some online computer science assignment helps shoulder and visit the website which has all the buzz these days. Ibomma.com is a Telugu live streaming and downloading website.

The website will provide you with the experience of watching Telugu movies in high resolution with great speed. That’s why it surpassed the popularity of other websites so soon. Also, it is free to access, and anybody from anywhere can watch and download Telugu movies here.

Features of Ibomma.com

Opening the website has all the movie posters with links appearing on the first page. The page is divided into two categories—movies and web series.

Right at the top of the website, you will have three options, About, Bug Report, and Contact, followed by a search option. Let’s discuss these options one by one.


This section details the purpose and services of the website in short. Ibomma.com is an exclusive video streaming and downloading website. It has an extensive library of thousands of movies and web series across different genres.

They keep adding content regularly suitable to the taste and preference of the Telugu furnace worldwide.

You can access its content on a range of different devices, including tablets, personal computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc. it gives you an open chance to discover new Telugu movies every day. Also, you can download the content you want from the website at a zero-added cost.

The technology and resolution of streaming in Ibomma.com are incomparable with its competitors. In addition, the speed of online streaming and technology is amazing, which earned it 4.9 ratings out of 5 in popular review channels.

The video playback is seamless, and you have great recommendations all along.

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Bug report

This option suggests the possible way out if you encounter a bug in the middle of a video. Here are the problems described in FAQ mode.

Suppose the video is not playing or downloading. The website suggests three solutions there.

  1. Remove the cache of the browser and try connecting again
  2. Allow the cookies
  3. Disable possible plugins that may block your possible resources


The contact is the third option, where you will get the necessary contact information.

List of movies and web series

Here is a list of popular movies and web series on Ibomma.com.


  • Speaking Dakini
  • Bujji Ila Raa
  • Cobra
  • Malappuram
  • First Day First
  • Thiru
  • Liger
  • Kerosene
  • 7 days 6 nights
  • Degala Babji
  • Odela Railway

Web Series

  • Agent Anand Santosh
  • Hello World
  • Victim
  • Paper Rocket
  • Bullet Train
  • Marmaduke
  • Parampara
  • Shoorveer
  • Orange
  • Mogudu

There are search options that let you search movies and web series separately. Also, there are foreign movies dubbed in Telugu. So, watch them all and have a fun time amidst your stressed-out routine.

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