How to go viral on TikTok: 5 tips to get a million views!

Being at the top of TikTok isn’t only for teens who dance nowadays. It’s now one of the more active social media communities in the world today. It also allows users to go viral in an approach that not many other social media platforms can match.

TikTok’s organic reach is unmatched when compared with other social networks. In addition, consider the fact that 50% of major brands do not have an account on TikTok, and you’re dealing with an equal playing field of opportunities. If you’re thinking about how to take advantage of this wave of organic growth and make it viral on TikTok, we’ve prepared for you! This article will show you how the TikTok algorithm functions, as well as how to profit from trends, create videos, and make them viral!

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How can content become viral via TikTok?

As with any algorithm on social media, TikTok curates content for its users by suggesting videos that are similar to those they’ve already engaged with.

The recommendation system on TikTok analyses the content that viewers have viewed, liked or shared and breaks it down into elements like video content, text that appears within the film, as well as background music. The system then uses this information to offer like-minded content by TikTok users whom they might not follow. This feed is accessed via the FYP (or For You Page) feed.

Imagine it as old-fashioned channel surfing. But you’re getting a new cable provider each time you turn on your television.

One thing that the TikTok algorithm does not consider is the TikTok user’s followers or previous engagement figures. It’s as likely to see posts that have a few million views as you would see a video posted by a new user.

Furthermore, every video posted on TikTok is able to be viewed by millions via the For You page. When you upload an image that is uploaded, the app will show it to a limited audience of users’ FYP. Based on the performance of the video there, it could be extended to a bigger public.

1) Be aware of TikTok trends.

It’s clear TikTok initially gained popularity with a young audience. It’s adamantly trend-driven, bringing memes and other formats of video to the forefront. The next trend could come along just a few weeks later. However, each meme has its own moment.

You don’t need to search for long to find a trend you can take advantage of. There’s likely one already on your “For You” page as we speak.

Due to how the algorithms work, the more people engage with a particular trend, the more the app is able to promote videos that are part of the trend. Therefore, what’s the first step to becoming famous on TikTok? Be aware of those trends. You probably know it. If you are up-to-date with the latest trends in content on TikTok, the simpler it will be to develop relevant and relevant content.

2) Recognize your TikTok audience.

There’s a lot happening this week on TikTok. It’s home to numerous communities that revolve around anything from fitness to the emo genre. The communities they belong to support each other with a lot of enthusiasm.

Although you’re not required to stay with one topic, it is beneficial to focus on a specific subject area or area of passion. The more often your content is featured in a particular community that you are in, the easier it will be to gain an audience. This will increase the number of TikTok views from the large audience and boost the quality of the video when it is displayed on its For You page.

Knowing your audience can assist you in determining the ideal time to publish on TikTok. In the end, identifying the most effective time to publish will not necessarily cause you to be famous immediately; it could aid in getting your content noticed by more people , and that’s a good start.

3) Keep your TikTok videos as short as possible.

TikTok provides a range of length limits for videos that include 15 seconds, 60 seconds, and three minutes. You can’t stop yourself from using the entire 180 seconds.

A video that is short doesn’t provide the viewer with enough time to get bored. It gives them more time to go back and revisit it once the autoplay feature comes on. Because of this, shorter videos usually have more engagement and viewership.

There’s a possibility that you can keep your video’s running duration on the lower end. You’re not just increasing the number of people who view your video. Additionally, you’re increasing the creative quality of your video.

4) Make use of hashtags on TikTok

Hashtags are among the TikTok algorithm’s ranking factors. This means that using hashtags in your video description will allow the algorithm to display your video description in the hands of the public, who will be able to respond to it.

5) Promote interaction on TikTok

The main difference between a video platform and social networks is interactivity.

TikTok isn’t just a platform to upload videos. It’s also a way to interact with the community about the content that it creates. There’s a comment area to be a reason, you know? Additionally, thanks to features like the Duet and Stitch features, you can collaborate in videos with total strangers in different parts of the world.

The algorithm on TikTok operates in a manner that rewards every form of interaction with the community. Therefore, make sure your content promotes it. We encourage users to leave their feedback in the comments section.Offer a prompt so users can make an answer to their video. Create videos that people want to share on social media platforms like Instagram.This makes the algorithm that views your content a little more favorable.

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