How To Display Social Wall In Live Events

We have a new audience engagement beast for live events in the form of a social wall. A social wall is a brilliant tool that engagingly displays content on digital screens across events. However, an attractive engagement is not enough to boost the event’s success. The content that goes on the digital screens is just as important.

Through this blog, we will assist you with the type of content you share through social walls at live events to make it a huge success. However, before going to that, let’s understand a social wall in detail.

So What is a Social Wall?

A social wall is a brilliant real-time representation of user-generated content created by people across various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc., on digital screens. User-generated content is in texts, photos, videos, reviews, testimonials, etc.

Social Walls serve significant benefits such as audience engagement, a sense of trust, social proof, high conversion rates, and increased revenues.

Ways To Display Social Wall At Live Events

This section will showcase ways to make a social wall the most happening thing at one’s live event.

Pre-event Gigs

The week leading up to your event is critical for marketing.

Host a pre-event chat on your platform, operate Clubhouse rooms or LinkedIn live streams, and plan a webinar or a Q&A session. Whatever media you use, as long as you gather your community to build-up up the event, it doesn’t matter.

Instead, make the most of this opportunity to generate awareness around the schedule, introduce your speakers, or educate your community about what the event is about.

Display A Well-organized Track

Segmenting your sessions into multiple tracks is terrific if you have a content-heavy schedule. Consider a track a television channel: it broadcasts simultaneously, caters to distinct audience needs, and focuses on a single theme. Allowing your audience to choose how they consume your material gives them a sense of power and personalization.

Assign a different MC to each track to guarantee consistent storytelling and to continue explaining the track’s purpose to newcomers.

Showcase User-generated Content Using Gamification

Customers make content sharing profitable and exciting by implementing gamification campaigns with user-generated content marketing messages. Reimagining the content-sharing process as a game also engages customers with the business and encourages them to respond to a call to action.

Hosting online contests and developing leaderboards are great places to incorporate gamification into your user-generated campaign design. Leaderboards bring the competitive element of your social media contests to life. Motivate your third-party brand ambassadors to create unique content that will encourage more people to participate in your event.

You can give your brand champions discounts and vouchers as a reward or provide them badges or social recognition for increased online participation.

Enhance Communication

Real-time updates are available on the social wall. This is since it is auto-synchronized. As a result, whenever there is a new update, it displays on the social wall at your virtual event right away. It’s an outstanding opportunity to strengthen your virtual event’s communications.

Attendees at the virtual event can post social media updates, which will appear on the social wall in real-time. In addition, it will inspire attendees to interact with one another.

Run A Q&A Social Wall

Instead of inviting people to stand up and pose a question in an old-fashioned manner, tell them to tweet with your hashtag or mention you on social media platforms with their questions. Then, with your social media wall, choose your favorites and display them on a large screen. This ensures questions are answered and moderator control. Audiences will thank you because they will learn more.

Not to mention the free publicity you’ll gain from all the people who tweet inquiries with your hashtag on various social media platforms.

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Showcase Sponsor’s Content

Any event would be incomplete without sponsors. They make the event run more smoothly and help you provide the most satisfactory experience for your audience. As a result, it would work tremendously if you offered them something in exchange.

Make use of the social wall to highlight the social media posts of your sponsors. Dedicating a place to your sponsors is an excellent technique. The social wall also includes specific insights and data that may be used to assess the effectiveness of social media posts on the social wall. You can show your sponsors these results to show them the value of sponsoring your events.

Wrapping Up!

Social Media walls are a brilliant way to take your event to the next level. So ensure that you create an emphatic one using Taggbox.

Taggbox is the leading user-generated content platform and social media aggregation tool that comes with brilliant customization, personalization, and moderation features to help you create a social wall in minutes!

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