CFA level 1 online courses: Are they worth it?

The CFA preparation course price remains a valid concern for all the CFA aspirants owing to the large number of courses available online. The value and credibility of the CFA designation are globally recognized as one of the most prestigious degrees for finance and investment professionals. The CFA exam is conducted in three levels each comprising fundamentals of investment tools, portfolio management, and other finance-related topics. The exam is intended to promote standard ethics, professionalism, and education among finance professionals all across the world. A candidate appearing for the CFA exam is likely to develop specialized knowledge in financial and investment subjects.

CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst, a post-graduate degree awarded to candidates with extensive knowledge of topics related to accounting, money management, investment portfolios, financial reporting, etc., and is well-versed with the standard international ethics and practices. The designation is offered by the CFA Institute which is a global association of investment professionals. CFA is a self-study program that does not require the candidates to attend any regular classes. Candidates appearing for the CFA exams have to fill up the test form available on its official website and must ensure that they fulfill the eligibility criteria.

CFA Level 1: Eligibility & Preparation courses

Following are the basic eligibility criteria that one must meet to appear for CFA Level 1 exam:

  • CFA is equivalent to a master’s degree therefore the applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree or similar in any stream.
  • Students in their final year of graduation can also fill up the CFA level 1 exam form and appear for it.
  • The candidate must hold relevant work experience of not less than 4 years while registering for the program.
  • The applicant must be able to take the exam in the English language.
  • Candidates appearing for the CFA exams must have an international passport.

The CFA level 1 curriculum includes the foundational knowledge and concepts of investment valuation and portfolio management. It is a balanced mix of both theoretical as well as practical knowledge that one needs to excel in the finance and investment world. Practical knowledge can be developed by working in a relevant job role; however, candidates may require guidance while studying the theoretical portions of the curriculum. Recognizing this need for appropriate mentorship to prepare for the exam, a large number of CFA level 1 online classes are offered by various institutes.

These courses are designed by CFA holders and other experienced finance professionals who have extensive knowledge in the relevant industry and can offer valuable insights. Textbook knowledge is not sufficient to crack the CFA exams as it demands the professional to be an expert in all aspects concerning the investment and finance sectors. Hence, while preparing for the CFA level 1 exams, the candidate must develop analytical skills and expertise in financial reporting, investment analysis, and varied quantitative methods. Even though you might find tons of study materials and resources available on the Internet, none equals the effectiveness of private CFA level 1 online classes.

Advantages of CFA level 1 online classes

Owing to the abundant availability of study resources on the Internet, many candidates are hesitant to pay the CFA preparation course price. They presume that the study videos, pdfs, and other worksheets are sufficient to help them get through the exams and secure the passing score. In reality, they are not!

While it’s not impossible to clear the CFA level 1 exam without proper tutoring, it might get very difficult and lengthy in absence of proper guidance. A major advantage of enrolling in these CFA level 1 online classes is that you can prepare smartly for the test and not waste time on unimportant topics. Since a majority of the faculty are CFA holders, they know the exam pattern well and can prepare you well for the exam. They offer valuable insights and tips to the students and make the topics easier for them.

Other than quality guidance and fair pricing, flexibility is an added advantage of enrolling in an online course. Unlike the offline classes where you have to visit the institute for classes, you can attend online classes from anywhere you want. Most of these study lectures are pre-recorded and can be accessed through any device. Also, regular live sessions and mock tests help you keep track of your progress and improve significantly. You can expect in-depth coverage of all topics with relevant study resources to make the learning process more systemized and effective.

Bottom Line

CFA level 1 online classes are a viable solution to efficient learning and preparation for the CFA exams. These courses are structured by renowned CFA professionals who hold extensive knowledge in the field of investment and finance and can help you clear the exams with a decent score. Also, online courses are less expensive and ensure professional guidance and mentorship throughout the preparation journey. All in all, the CFA level 1 online course is worth every penny you’d spend.

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