7 Online Dating Profile Mistakes That Can Be a Turnoff In 2022

It’s no secret that most people don’t write their profiles. That’s why it’s essential to ensure your profile gets past the auto-fill function and stands out from the crowd.

You’re wrong if you think having a good online dating profile is easy. Online dating is tricky and sometimes downright unpredictable.

A matchmaker los angeles can see some mistakes repeated over again. So to help you better understand how to make the best first impression, here is a compiled list of common mistakes people make on their dating profiles.


Using too much jargon or slang

Online dating profiles are often written with a specific audience in mind. To properly match you up with someone who shares your interests and can appreciate the unique way you communicate, it’s essential to use language that someone unfamiliar with your industry would understand.

That said, don’t go overboard with making sure every word is spelled correctly and every sentence has a comma in the right place. Using too much jargon or slang can make your profile hard to read and understand — fewer people will want to talk with you!

Being vague

Being vague about what you’re looking for in a partner.

The first section people will notice on your profile is “About Me,” so it’s important not to get lazy and write a few words about yourself. Instead, provide enough information so that someone can quickly get a sense of you and what you are looking for.

One easy way to avoid being vague is to include specific details about what kind of relationship you’re looking for. For example, if you want something casual or long-term or someone with similar interests and values. If your profile doesn’t say anything about those things, the person reading it won’t know what they’re dealing with until they meet up. And if they don’t like what they see, then there’s no reason for them to waste their time talking to you further.

Not proofreading your profile before posting.

Another mistake people make with their dating profiles is not proofreading them before posting. This is especially true for women, who tend to be more sensitive about grammar and spelling.

If you want to look like a professional on your dating profile, you should edit it and ensure there are no grammatical errors or typos. If you don’t have time to do this yourself, hire someone else to do it for you (it might cost $10-$20).

Don’t use photos from five years ago.

A study shows that men’s height and income are more important to women on dating sites than previously thought, so if you want to land a date with someone who meets those criteria, make sure your photo reflects how tall and rich you look!

If you’re trying to get noticed by someone who’s looking for someone exactly like you, make sure your photos show what makes you stand out from the crowd — so if you love traveling around the world or have a sweet dog, don’t be afraid to include them in your photos!

unattractive username

Having an unattractive username or handle

Your username is your first impression, and if it’s not captivating and unique, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Aim to stand out from others and give off a positive vibe. Don’t use words like “sexy,” “hottie,” or “cute” — they are super overused and come across as desperate.

To be taken seriously, choose something that shows your personality. For example, if you’re someone who loves dogs, maybe something like “Cuddles_for_life.” Or, if you love to travel, find a unique location that makes sense for your lifestyle and interests (i.e., “Paris_in_a_tank”).

Not including any photos

If you are not willing to put yourself out there, why should anyone else? If you don’t have any photos on your dating profile, people won’t know what you look like and may pass over your profile in favor of those who do. So make sure yours includes at least one recent photo that shows what you look like today — even if it’s just a selfie taken in the bathroom mirror!

Being overly sexual right off the bat

Think about it — if you’re looking for a genuine connection with someone who could become your next date or even your life partner, do you want them to think that your first impression of a potential match is that they’re just another notch on your bedpost?

Suppose you’ve got a photo where you’re posing in lingerie or with a shirt that barely covers anything up. In that case, there’s no way for anyone checking out your profile to see past that and focus on other things about you that might be attractive (such as how funny or smart you are).

Instead, try having one or two photos that show off your body but aren’t so racy that they distract entirely from everything else. And if you don’t have any good pictures of yourself in something slightly more conservative, then don’t worry — there are plenty of other ways to get men’s attention without resorting to showing off every inch of skin right away!


Online dating is no longer taboo, as more and more people use online dating services to find love online. Even though online dating is becoming more normalized and accepted, it doesn’t mean you can slack off when creating your profile. You have to be prepared with a killer profile to make you stand out from the other potential matches.

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