5 Great Gaming Experience Every Gamers Can Expect

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 the Esports and video games business has seen a rapid increase. The latest research by Nielsen found that , during the peak of the pandemic lockdowns around the globe, 82% of gamers played video games and watched video game video content. In this age of social distancing and social media, Esports are the new Little League.

The global gaming community includes an array of demographics, and all ages play games ranging from mobile games for free to professional Esports.

One thing that is common to players is the fact that they want not just an amazing experience, but also one that can be adapted to their needs culturally. This means that they interact with native speakers whose understanding of the cultural context is full and leaves the user feeling fully at ease.

If players are involved with customer service, customer support becomes a part of the gaming experience in its entirety.

The biggest challenge facing most gaming research is to provide this dynamic, multichannel player support on a large size. Most gamers rely on forums for community and peer-to-peer networks for assistance. Studios have greater control over their customer service experience by establishing the support they require, and interact with their customers in these forums.

Fulfilling Gamer Expectations

With the continuous emergence of the latest and most popular mobile and online games, it’s easy for players to be lost to competitors. Offering players the support they require and taking note of your feedback keep them motivated and builds loyalty to the game experience.

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There are five things that are the hallmarks of a good gaming experience.

1. Gamers are expecting 100% uptime

According to a study document on the State of Online Gaming 2020 gamers spend an average of six hours and 20 mins per day playing. A majority of them also have a portion of their days that they dedicate to their games. Being inaccessible to an online game may cause them to less interested in it.

Nielsen Games Video Game Tracking (VGT) recently concluded that the percentage of gamers who say they play more video games as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has risen. The highest percentage of increases occurred across the U.S. (46%), France (41%) and in the U.K. (28%) and Germany (23 percent). Game developers must be sure their game is running and running all the time in order to prevent losing their user base.

Other elements like the interface being confusing, bad performance, or excessive advertisements could also prompt gamers to immediately stop playing the game. If a game fails players expect the issue to be fixed as quickly as they can. Studio and game developers are expected to assist and support their players in the event of any technical issue.

2. Gamers are passionate about their sport

Similar to sports, players are enthusiastic about their games playing games in many ways, not just playing. Statistics from Arsenal.gg revealed that Twitch one of the most well-known video game streaming platforms witnessed a 50% increase in hours of gaming watched in March, and generated 1.49 billion hours of gaming in the month April this year.

Gaming is an experience that provides is a source of identification and community among players. Their experiences extend beyond the game Most gamers participate in user-created forums where they discuss suggestions and opinions on their games. These forums may also be used to resolve issues.

When players reach out to an assistance team, the majority of them have already attempted to solve their problems an alternative method. Being a great CX is having the capability to provide a high-quality social media and forum moderating that is accessible to gamers. Support should be available 24 hours a day across all platforms, particularly for online multiplayer games. It is also helpful to offer multiple support options , including real-time support for gamers.

3. Gamers are International

Gamers can be found all over all over the world, and games are becoming more accessible to countries that don’t have English as a first language. According to research, 71.5% of customer service executives believe that the support provided in a native’s language can improve satisfaction. A multilingual customer support system can assist native players resolve issues and make games accessible to markets that are not based in the same country and increase sales across the globe.

Based on the Can’t Read, Won’t Buy report released by Common Sense Advisory, 84 percent of potential customers are more likely to purchase items online when the information is available in their language. Three quarters of respondents of the study claimed the likelihood to buy from the same company again in the event that after-sales service is provided in their own language.

Forums, community content reviews of customers, forums, and blogs are all considered user-generated content. They can be effective tools in creating a multilingual experience for customers. Through providing the option of translating these kinds of content, users get more information in their native language, which could help them turn into advocates.

4. Gamers are highly competitive

Gamers are naturally competitive. A study conducted by GameSkinny called “eSports as well as Competitive Gaming What is the most Competitive Do We Really Feel?” found that 45 percent of their players watch eSports, PvP, and other games that are competitive. Their research also showed the majority of participants are part of a group or clan, guild, or collective, further highlighting the enjoyment gamers have playing others. 58% of those who participated in their study also wanted learn more about tutorials and guidelines for players who are amateurs.

However, competition isn’t only for professional and competitive players. Many games offer “Ranked Modes” where players battle for the top spot or increase their rank with other gamers. The desire to get better and boost a player’s standing inspires players to play and boosts their loyalty to online games.

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5. Gamers like continuous updates

When it comes to questions it is important to speed. If players are spending longer asking questions, they’ll find themselves with less time to play which might cause them to play an entirely different game.

As with all customers as with any customer, it is essential to provide regular updates and assistance when they have questions. It is crucial to demonstrate how much you appreciate your customers, and one method of doing this is to show empathy through personal responses, particularly when you use automated responses.

Questions from gamers should be addressed promptly However, it’s not just about responding to them promptly. Support teams for customers should be able to resolve player problems as quickly as they can.

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