4 Important Safety Lessons for All Pop-Up Tent Users

Planning to promote your brand in style with custom-printed pop-up tents? Great. A well-designed pop up tent can make your brand stand out at any indoor or outdoor event. These tents attract customers. Customers can even step inside these tents to learn more about the brands behind them. But, like with all brand-customer interactions – safety must always be the priority.

Pop-up tents are one of the safest, easy-to-use promotional tools out there. But, there are certain safety lessons that inexperienced brand representatives must know before they bring their tents to public events. Here are four vital safety lessons that anyone planning to use these tents must know –

1. Installation Safety

Let’s say you’re representing your brand at a classy, outdoor event. The colorful tent behind you is attracting many attendees. Everything is going great. Suddenly, strong winds blow and your promotional tent is uprooted. It flies into other booths, injuring people during the process. This “nightmare” scenario can easily come true if you don’t install your event tents properly.

Always make sure that your promotional tents are installed and grounded correctly at the event location. Stake the tent by using weights or diggers. Don’t make the tent accessible to target customers until it’s installed properly.

2. Fire Safety

Many event marketing companies have established strict laws regarding fire safety at their events. Brand representatives who attend outdoor or indoor events must abide by these rules. One major part of this rule is to carry fire-resistant tents. Your tents must feature fire-resistance labels for them to be accepted at these events.

  • Only buy pop-up tents made of fire-resistant fabrics like vinyl.
  • At outdoor events, always keep your tents at a safe distance from fireworks. Such celebrations are common during Labor Day events, events on the Fourth of July, etc. Keep your tents away from fireworks.
  • If you’re setting up lighting inside your tent, avoid using external electrical sources. Instead, use battery-operated, non-flammable torches or lights.

If your team at the event doesn’t consist of electricians, don’t set up complex lighting systems. Bring torches and other portable lights.

3. Grill Safety

Do you know the leading cause of home fire injuries? As per the National Fire Protection Association, it’s cooking. That’s right, indoor/outdoor cooking is the leading cause of accidental house fires and fire injuries in the US. If you’re cooking near your promotional tent, you need to exercise maximum safety. Cooking inside these tents is out of the question.

Many people at outdoor events cook with grills, fire pits, wood stoves, barbecues, and grease fryers. Always keep these fire sources or tools away from your promotional tents. Even if your tent is made of non-combustible, small flames can cause tears & dents. Also, keep a fire extinguisher inside or near your event marketing tents at all times.

4. Weather Safety

In terms of weather conditions, experts always advise brand leaders to prepare for the worst-case scenarios. Plan for thunder, heavy winds, and rain by preparing an evacuation strategy. If bad weather conditions strike, have a clear plan regarding uninstalling the tent and finding proper shelter.

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